Pedalfest: A Free Event for Cycle Lovers in Oakland’s Jack London Square

August 19, 2012 in Alternative Cult-ure, Events, Travel

AUGUST 18, 2012 — OAKLAND, CA: Pedalfest offered a line-up of bike-related activities with no cover charge.  Free ferries from San Francisco brought bike-toting passengers to the event at Jack London Square (Oakland’s hip/romantic waterfront area).

According to Pedalfest, all proceeds went to benefit the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, an organization that “works tirelessly for safe, convenient and enjoyable bicycling for all!”

One of many bicycle demonstrations included The Whiskey Drome, featuring ‘Oaklandesque-overall-trucker-hat-style, fun-loving men’ riding their bikes sideways in circles.

2012-08-18 15.01.35

On-hand at Pedalfest were circus-types and theatrical performers.
2012-08-18 15.03.39

Other cool activities included:

  • Bike stunts
  • Live music and dancing
  • Beer
  • Pedal-powered food vendors
  • Local shop representatives, hand-made bicycles, and art

Learn more about Pedalfest on their website at: | Jack London Square in Oakland hosts many events that are often free to the public. Check them out here:

Peter Murphy from Bauhaus AND a Zoroastrian Party on Saint Patrick’s Day

March 19, 2012 in Events

SAN FRANCISCO, Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 — Peter Murphy (former singer of Bauhaus) played with his band at a jazz club located near Japantown in San Francisco.  Murphy, dubbed by many as ‘the father of goth’, attracted a somewhat homogeneous crowd in their 30s and 40s. Most were wearing black and conservatively dressed except for a few women who sported floor-length velvet robes.

Upon entry, my female companion and I found two unreserved seats at a table with two men in their 40s. One of the men had on a Mardi Gras bead necklace. He told us that he was able to attend concerts for free because he worked at the venue — so he invited the other man who was his ‘hair dresser’.

A goth/punk lady with a partially shaved head sat next to us. She was sharing a table with a drunken male companion. From my perspective she tried to start a fight with us and the two men at our table over our seating arrangement. Several times during the show the animosity between our tables elevated.  I sat somewhat in front of her despite a deep-’seated’ fear that at any moment the aggressive rhino could sucker-punch me.


iPhone Craze for Bauhaus Singer

iPhone Craze for Bauhaus Singer



iPhone Craze for Bauhaus Singer

There was a private Iranian new year’s party at the dance club part of the venue and we tried to sneak in but we weren’t Persian or Zoroastrian so they wouldn’t let us. From speaking to a 20-something Iranian guy who was situated near the back exit (he spilled beer on his suit jacket while texting), I found out the party cost $46 a ticket. I had no shot of getting in without paying; the key to looking Persian in San Francisco — besides having dark hair  – is that if female, you must wear an extremely short tight dress that ends right below your crotch, high heals, perfectly straight hair and amazing make-up. I was too Irish-looking for the occasion. My friend however, with her straight dark hair, seemed very alluring to the men outside smoking. Several men from Afghanistan asked her if she spoke Farsi.

A 2012 Film Festival Staring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

December 23, 2011 in Events, Video/Film

I just received an email that made me flinch (see text below). Apparently there is a film festival in Ohio that features Arnold Schwartzenegger as its presenter. I thought it was a joke but after viewing the website it seems legit. According to the ASFF site, films submitted to the festival “should explore the lives and efforts, inspirations and hopes of people striving for achievement.” I am a bit perplexed by this. I mean, are these films supposed to be realistic depictions of athletes or do they strive to be as deceptive as their spokesperson?  

Columbus, Ohio – USA
March 2 to 4, 2012

In the Spotlight this week is the 2nd Annual , an exciting event showcasing the best in short-form cinema focused on personal athletic endeavor. Presented by and named for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ASFF is a part of the Arnold Sports Fest, the largest multi-sport event in the world. Arnold Sports Fest features 18,000 athletes competing in 45 sports and events and attracts more than 200,000 attendees to Columbus, Ohio each year.

Filmmakers from around the world are encouraged to submit films 15 minutes or less in runtime that explore the lives, efforts, inspirations, and hopes of people striving for achievement in individual athletic pursuits. From body building to boxing, gymnastics to judo, table tennis to track, and skiing, skating, cycling, weightlifting, and more, the ASFF seeks to discover and present films that study the journey, perseverance, and triumphs of individuals who participate in athletic expression and competition.

The Festival encourages both traditional and alternative storytelling and accepts films in a variety of categories. ASFF also features a section showcasing broadcast projects and packages. Winning films are selected by a jury comprised of renowned entertainment and sports industry figures, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. This season’s top films will be awarded significant prize packages and receive exposure during and after the Arnold Sports Festival. What’s more, the Grand Prize winner will be invited to spend a day on a movie set with Arnold Schwarzenegger and will meet with studio executives.

January 1, 2012 – Late Deadline
Upgraded projects save $5 on this deadline

Building on the Arnold Sports Festival’s decades-long commitment to showcasing achievement in individual sport and athletic competition, the ASFF serves as a complement to and extension of the largest multi-sport event in the world while celebrating cinematic achievement in athletic-themed works.

ASFF presents a unique opportunity for filmmakers to engage with film-loving sports fans from across the globe and offers the perfect platform to exhibit films that demonstrate the passion, struggle, and triumphs of athletes. Exhibiting filmmakers receive passes to the Arnold Sports Festival, access to filmmaking workshops during the Festival, and are invited to attend the awards ceremony.

Short-form filmmakers: If your work explores the triumphs, struggles, and perseverance of athletes, submit to the Arnold Sports Film Festival today!