Buenos Aires: Paris of the South

December 21, 2011 in Image Culture

Buenos Aires is a very politically-oriented city. While I was there for a week in December, I experienced two peaceful political rallies. The second one I saw took place on December 10th and was attended by people of all walks of life. The city prepared several days in advance, shutting down sections of two major streets in the city center.

Buenos Aires

Political Graffiti, Buenos Aires

Although it seems that every Argentine I talked to, from taxi drivers to sushi chefs, is in favor of Christina (the popular female president of the country whom, like Madonna, needs no last name), Argentina has a lot more to offer visitors than just political intrigue. The architecture of its largest city, Buenos Aires, looks very European and the city offers excellent shops, dining and nightlife. Many call it the “Paris of South America.”

Check out images from my trip in the slideshow below: