Why Pinterest?: Can a Regular Blog do What Pinterest Does?

April 10, 2012 in Techno-Consumerism

Do you know what Pinterest is? According to the website, it’s an online pinboard to organize and share info.

Seeing the popularity of Pinterest (or my curiosity-induced lack of interest of Pinterest), I thought I’d write a blog entry that explores the social media networking site. I requested to join and received an email that said:

Thanks for joining the Pinterest waiting list. We’ll be sure to send you an invite soon.In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter. You can also explore a few pins. We’re excited to get you pinning soon! – Ben and the Pinterest Team

Not having an account, to talk about Pinterest I first had to do some research. I checked out how one blog, Downtown Traveler (a trendy travel and art blog with 2K Twitter followers) is using Pinterest. (Note: From now on I am using the name “Pintz” to refer to Pinterest – it’s much shorter and easier to type. Furthermore, I don’t like the word Pinterest.)

After a one minute analysis, the concept seems pretty simple. Using Pintz, you can create a category–called a “board” (as in bulletin board). You can name that board whatever you like, for instance, “Visiting NYC.” On that board you can post “pins”–images that have captions underneath them. The captions may contain a link to the original source of the image.

Since I don’t have an account and will have to wait until I’m accepted, I am going to share some of the things on this blog that I would consider putting up on Pinterest (err, I mean, PINTZ.)

The following blocks represent “pins.” Since I am not using Pintz but want to get a similar visual feeling, I have created boxes in HTML for each of my content items.

Board Name: “Crazy Classes I want to Take”

Storm the Page: Free Writing Happy Hour with Sabrina Crawford (4/18 – 5/9)

Board Name: “Volunteer Opps I want”

826 Valencia

SUN release party

Straight-up News is fresh off the press

Okay, I did this draft pretty fast…and it’s a little unattractive…but it seems to capture the general idea behind the Pinterest website. Since this blog is made using WordPress, I think I could actually create a mini-site similar to Pintz by using aditional plugins to incorporate more aspects of social networking for each of the “pins” I created.

UPDATE: 4/11: I got my Pinterest account. Phew.  It took a day–I was a complete nervous wreck. Well, not really. My account is pinterest.com/projectdominion (I have also decided that “Pin Up”  would be a cuter name than “Pinterest”)